30 Lovely and Magical Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas

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Do you want to have a garden but having no enough space? Just don’t be worried since you can make your dream come true by creating a magical miniature fairy garden by yourself. This miniature garden can be designed and inspired by any fairy tales like in Walt Disney’s world. Though this only a miniature garden, it does not lessen its aesthetical and functional value. Also, you can even create it with some used or broken things that you have.

Whatever it is, the function of a garden is for aesthetical value. You can also see then apply this value to your miniature fairy harden that you create. You may put some ornaments and little real greenery so that it looks really cool. On the other hands, for functional value, it is possible to put in some rooms at home as unique interior ornaments. For example, you can put it on the corner of your living room, bedroom, or porch.

Mushroom House To Complete Your Fairy Garden

Decorative Lighting For Fairy Garden

Beautiful Small Chair To Perfect Your Fairy Garden

Beautiful Roof With Ice Cream Handle

Beautiful Flowers To Perfect Your Fairy Garden

Beautiful Fairy Garden With White Walkway

Beautiful Fairy Garden With River

Beautiful Fairy Garden Using Clay Pot

An Elegant Small Chair To Complete Your Fairy Garden

An Awesome Fairy Garden With Plastic Pots

Amazing Fairy Garden Combined With Small Round Wooden Table

Incredible Fairy Garden

Beautiful Fairy Garden With Red Mushroom

An Amazing Small House For Fairy Garden

Creative fairy garden using river stone

White Flowers And Clay Pot To Perfect Your Fairy Garden

Beautiful wooden fairy garden

Swing Tire To Complete Your Fairy Garden

Stunning Walkways With Wooden To Perfect Your Fairy Garden

Stunning Fairy Garden Design

Small Stone Combined With Plants To Perfect Your Fairy Garden

Small Pool To Beautify Your Fairy Garden

Small House That Made Of Wooden

Small House For Fairy Garden

Simple White Small Fairy House

Purple Flowers To Perfect Your Fairy Garden

Plants Decoration To Complete Your Fairy Garden

Perfect Walkways With Flat Stone To Perfect Your Fairy Garden

Metal Teapot To Perfect Your Fairy Garden

Green Fairy Garden With Wooden Pot

Since there are hundreds ideas of miniature fairy garden you can adopt, here we present some of them to inspire you. First of all, decide what theme you want to bring for your fairy garden. This idea is like the way you recycle some used things at home and modify them beautifully. If you have a used bucket, don’t throw it away. You can have it for the place to create a miniature fairy garden with the main element, a mushroom house and some greenery. For those who like purple nuance, choose purple flowers likes, lavendet, lilac, and aster. Besides, you can complete the design with a small stone house or castle. Some gravels or sands can be the additional complement for your miniature fairy garden.

The other designs to complete your miniature fairy garden are small pool with some fish. This real natural touch brought by the fish gives lively impression then. What is more important is that installing lighting aspect to give dramatic touch. A wooden theme is selected to give another unique miniatire fairy garden. With small wooden house, wooden chairs and a table, they will give another kind of stunning mini garden. Make a small wooden swing for a nuance of real fairy garden. The other medias like broken clay pot, tea cup, wooden pot, old suitcase, and many more can be your other options to make a stunning yet creative miniature fairy garden.

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