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31 Bathroom Vanity Lights and Bathroom Vanity Mirror Ideas to Upgrade yours

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It can be denied that bathroom is the second most private room at home after bedroom. It is the spot where you can relax your mind and body and pamper yourself. That’s why, the design of a bathroom must be considered as cozy as possible. The interior design of a bathroom like the shower, the bath tub, sink, and so on are the elements that complete and make your bathroom perfect. The additional elements such as racks, cabinet, light, and mirror also cannot be separated from those main elements.

Especially light and mirror, the designers take more focus on these two elements since they play important roles for those who use the bathroom. Some designers alsp use them as the elements that is very inviting to make a bathroom becomes more spa like. Follow the guidelines below to upgrade your bathroom with smart trick of vanity lights and mirror.

a unique frame mirror and wall lamps to look beauty

an interesting large mirror and chandeliers

beautiful bathroom with square mirror and decorative lighting to create good lighting

blue LED and large mirror for your bathroom

farmhouse bathroom with square mirrors and decorative lighting to look rustic

large mirror and wall lamps to create good lighting

large mirror and simple lamps

large mirrors and decorative lighting to create a cozy room

LED behind the square mirror

luxury large mirror you can try

minimalist bathroom with rectangle mirror and chandelier to look charm

stainless mirror frame and wall lamps to create a cozy room

wood mirror frame and unique wall lamps

wooden pallet mirror frame and black wall lamp to create beautiful room

modern farmhouse bathroom with large mirror and chandeliers to look elegant

modern farmhouse square mirror for your bathroom

rectangle mirror and lamps on the wall

simple wooden pallet mirror frame and lamp on the walls

rectangle black wood mirror frame

round mirror and small wall lamp to look beautiful

round mirror and LED

round mirror and lights in the jar

round mirror on the wooden pallet walls to look rustic

rustic bathroom with wooden mirror frame and small wall lamp

simple square mirror and chandeliers

square mirror and decorative lighting to create a cozy room

square mirror and decorative lighting to create elegant room

unique bathroom with wooden mirror frame and decorative lighting

vertical mirror and wall lamps you must try

white wooden carved mirror frame

simple small bathroom with LED behind square mirror

Mirror is usually used to beautify your bathroom that has some functions. One of the function is to make an impression of larger and spacious space for a small bathroom. The vanity light and mirror concept cannot be separated any way as they are usually go together. Side-by-side sconces makes a great lighting for your bathroom. Put a round mirror between two sconces to make a quite impression while you are relaxing yourself. For ideal lighting, they should be placed at eye-level, between 60 inches to 70 inches off the floor. Besides, the idea of installing pendants lamps will give your different touch. It is such a pretty ideas that works well though put on either side of the mirror. 

For those who are confused about smart tricks which are appropriate to get around with a small space, choosing dominant white bathroom concept may be the solution. A white wooden carved mirror frame is the elements to choose then. Choose white curtain and white flooring so that it looks neat and adorable. The next amazing idea of vanity lighting and mirror is by installing LED light behind the mirror. No matter what shape of your mirror is, LED brings a luxurious and sophisticated impression for your modern bathroom. Additionally, you can also have greenery, like a potted plants to give natural feature for your cozy bathroom. 

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