31 Simple Apartment Balcony Ideas

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If you have been leaving the apartment balcony area empty and not working, you can start now. Usually the apartment balcony area is left empty because it does not meet the size of the area to be used as a room. Even with a little creativity, you can make the balcony more functional. For example, by making the balcony area a pleasant relaxing area.

Before you start decorating your balcony as you need to know the area of ​​your balcony. Because this will be due to the size of the furniture or the number of equipment that you put there. Start designing the balcony by putting a carpet even though on it you will place the sofa. Because usually children prefer to sit on the floor. Choose a patterned rug so the room becomes more colorful. Or you can put a wooden chair or sofa there. By adding a few sofa cushions to make it comfortable and don’t forget to provide blankets or cloth to cover the couch so your balcony will look cozy.

Small Wooden Pallet table And Flowers decoration

swing wooden chair and  Flowers decoration

Greenery balcony decoration

striped carpet and black furnitures

Colorful Carpet Balcony Apartment

Farmhouse Balcony Apartment

an artificial grass carpet And some plant decoration

Gray Balcony Apartment And Bamboo Tree decoration

Greenery Balcony ideas And Flowers decoration

white Flowers decoration

Greenery Balcony Apartment Ideas

light Balcony decoration

Industrial Balcony And A Hanging Rattan Chairs

Modern rustic Balcony Apartment

Modern White Balcony Apartment 

Round Black Chairs

Hanging flowers planter

Black And White Floor Pattern Balcony Apartment And Wooden Chairs

Smart Wooden Pallet Storage Balcony Apartment

String Lamps And Striped Carpet For Balcony

small White Balcony And A Hanging Rattan Chair

string lamps Balcony decoration

Fresh Balcony decoration

Wooden And Small Red Chairs Balcony Apartment

Wooden Balcony Apartment And Large Rattan Bed

Wooden Balcony Apartment And wooden furniture

Wooden Balcony Apartment Ideas

Wooden Bed Balcony Apartment

Wooden Floor And Wooden Pallet sofa frame

wooden Floor And Round Black Chairs 

Direct lighting is certainly good for growing plants, so you can put it and it’s mandatory for you to put plants there. The balcony area is the same as the garden beside the house. That’s why you can just add living plants there. Or even you can put a hanging plant to save space so that it looks not narrow. So the idea to make a vertical garden you can put there. Adding some potted plants can also make your balcony fresher.

The size of the balcony is usually not standard, making it difficult for you to choose equipment that fits the size. To overcome this, you can put some wooden boards then cover it with a blanket or blanket and still add a sofa pillow on it. However this room must remain cozy. For carpets, you can put some textile designs then add some potted plants on them. The white color will make your balcony more modern and the wood will make your balcony tend to be rustic.

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