32 Awesome Backyard Ideas for Patios, Porches, and Decks

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What happens if the house does not have a porch? It has become a necessity that when an architect will design a house complete with a porch. The porch and the house are two inseparable parts. Even from earlier times an architect always designed the porch more beautiful and attractive compared to the design of the house and the decoration. Having a comfortable place and making you feel at home there is a dream for everyone. Moreover, every family would need an oasis that provides comfort for the family.

In general, the terrace has a fairly large area and some even combine it with a garden or children’s play yard. No wonder the design of a porch is always more interesting than the design of a house. Lots of beautiful terrace designs and attract attention. For example, a patio with a patio, or porch type and there is also a terrace that uses the base of a deck. The most widely used material is wood. So in building a porch you need more wood than concrete.

Wooden Vinyl Floor And White Relax Chair

Wooden Swing Chair

Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor And Green Grass

Wooden Floor And Fishpond

White Wooden Floor And Decorative Lighting To Create Romantic nuance

White Gravels

White Curtains And Decorative Lighting To Create A Cozy impression

Unique Wicker Chairs And Decorative Lighting

Unique White And Black Rug And Greenery

Unique Swing Chair

Unique Rattan Hanging Chair

Unique Pattern Floor And Greenery

Swing Bed To Relax

Swing Bed And Wooden Table

Simple Wooden Chairs And Round Table

Rattan Swing Chair And Decorative Lighting

Outdoor Fire Pit And Natural Stone floor

Outdoor Dining Table And Decorative Lighting

Modern Fire Pit And Wicker Chairs

Large Wooden planter

Kitchen And Dining Table in Outdoor

Industrial Sofa Frame And Decorative Lighting

Hanging Wooden Flower Bed

Fire Pit And Vines

Fire Pit And Hanging Flowers pots

Farmhouse Outdoor Fire Pit

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting To Create Good Lighting

Creative Curve Seating And Fire Pit

Swing Chair To Relax

Brick Floor And Rattan Furniture

Porch patio design is a terrace design without a lid that gives you the feeling of being in the open. Patio design is a terrace with a pavement base made of wood, brick and concrete which is placed parallel to the ground as a base. So it gives a beautiful impression on the base of the terrace. Patio designs are usually combined and equipped with a garden or small grass or other garden furniture such as pole lights or hanging lamps.

Next is the terrace with porch or deck design that makes wood as the base of a terrace. Porch tends towards the traditional terrace. In contrast to the open patio. Porch still has one level above the ground with a closed roof. Another teas design is a deck that makes wood as a base from the terrace and an open roof. The terrace deck design will feature a romantic feel with lights and white furniture.

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