Most Amazing Women’s Fashion Trends in 2019

Fashion trends are always changing and become a reference for fashion to change appearance. Last year’s fashion trend was dominated by a unique and simple Korean trend. Entering 2019 women’s fashion style will be dominated by the 80 era style. Here are some fashion trends that are booming this year. Sabrina source Sabrina is not […]

Men’s Fashion Tips to Make You Taller

For you who lack confidence in your short body, you don’t need to take medicine or buy a tool to elevate your body. The dress tricks below can make your body look ideal. Check it out! Use Shoes with Thick Base source  If women have high heels, men have high-top sneakers and boots. Shoes that […]

Makeup Trends that Will Disappear in 2019

Like a spinning wheel, the makeup trend will always change. There is a makeup trend that has been left behind, but some have survived. Following are the makeup trends that will disappear in 2019: Matte Eyeshadow source Matte eyeshadow dominates the makeup trends in 2018. But this makeup is predicted to be abandoned in 2019. […]

Crazy Makeup Trends that You Must Try

The makeup trend is now increasingly experimental. So, make-up is not only used to cover up shortcomings, but also as a way to exist for oneself. This can be seen from the increasing number of beauty influencers who try new things and not a few of them are viral on social media because the action […]

Bridal Makeup Inspirations that You Must Try

Marriage is one of the important moments in one’s life, especially for a woman. Those who will become brides certainly want to look more beautiful and stunning at these important moments. Femalinea has summarized some of the best Makeup inspirations for brides. Summer Fuchsia source This one makeup is suitable for you who will have […]

Women’s Fashion Trends that will Skyrocket in 2019

In 2019, Femalinea have been able to predict one or more fashion items that will be famous and popular among fashion lovers. From accessories to clothing that will make your appearance more charming. Bold Earrings source Leave the hula-hoop switch earrings with super-large earrings with geometric shapes to abstract even though they will look cool […]

Newest Women’s Fashion Style Inspirations in 2019

In 2019, you no longer need to look for inspiration about what’s booming. Only with three objects, namely gadgets, Instagram social media accounts and curiosity. You can already know which fashion items are trending right now. Instagram as a social media is the most widely used platform to search for all information from history, which […]

2019 Women’s Fashion Inspirations for Smart Mom

In 2019, paying attention to fashion is very important because the needs of the community are beginning to increase according to individual tastes. Starting from clothing, technology, food and others. Today’s clothing models are needed by all people from children to adults. There will always be the latest trend in women’s clothing changing every year. […]

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